To say that I'm gutted is an understatement. I had big hopes to be back racing this weekend with a very local race to me. The Newhaven 10k start line is 2k away from my house and part of the course is 500m away from me but due to this cold/bug I've had for the past few days, I've decided to withdraw from the race. 

I just don't think it would be wise to try and race when I struggle to even run for the bus right now! 

I've also made the decision to withdraw from next weeks Friday evening race, the Silverknowes Sri Chinmoy 5k. Another amazing even which is about 6k away from my house and another I just don't think would be wise to try and race with so little prep for it. 

Hopefully, if I can get rid of this cough and blocked ears soon, I can at least get out for some easy running! Fingers crossed!


Good luck to everyone racing over the next few weeks! 

Published on : 26 April 2024