Getting back in the saddle

Back running

I've had a full week away from running and I got to be honest, I've really enjoyed it. A few easy walks has been the most I've done. 

I did head to the new bouldering gym in Portobello, The Climbing Hanger, but that's as energetic as I've got. 

On Monday, it was a Bank Holiday for me and it also kicked off a new week and my first run back since the 50k race. I decided to take Toby for a run, an easy 45min jog.

I enjoyed it but Toby, less so. At one point he just stopped and looked at me, as if to say, "Nope, I'm not running any more!". He did eventually rejoin me, poor wee guy. 

This week is more easy running, a couple of rest days and enjoying my runs. 

I've the Sri Chinmoy 5k on the 3rd May which I'm looking forward to. It's flat and stacked with amazing runners. Even though it can be windy, since it's down on the coast, due to the number of runners, it can be pretty sheltered in the middle of the group. I really enjoyed it last year so I'm looking forward to it again this year. 

Before then, I've the Newhaven Lighthouse 10k, I signed up today! It's on the 28th April.
I'm not expecting much from either of these races but I just want to get back racing. Pushing things more and seeing what is possible. These races are also really local to me so super easy for me to get to. 

I'll maybe see some of you at one or both of these events. 


Published on : 02 April 2024