Big plans but nothing happened

Last week I was over on Tiree. For those of you who maybe don't know, I great up on the island. I lived there from the age of 3 until I was 17. I then moved to Edinburgh to go to University and I now only go back to visit family that I have on the island. 

Last week I planned to get my training kicked off and get some solid sessions in. The best laid plans.

I got to the island and the first few days we had sleet, 40mph winds and I didn't fancy heading out to get soaked and blown backwards. An excuse, maybe, but I was also on holiday. Then the weather improved and I got out on Monday for a nice easy 45min run and really enjoyed it. 

A run along the beach in to 30mph winds, it was character building to say the least but the run home was amazing! 

Then, the rest of the week was over before I knew it. I was busy visiting beaches with Mandy and Toby (our dog). Visiting family and friends. I didn't have any urge to run and I felt a bit meh, to be honest. 

I planned to run some Strava segments, I planned to run offroad a lot, I didn't do any of that.

A fresh start was planned on Sunday when I got back from Tiree but I'm now back in Edinburgh and loaded with the cold. Got a sore throat and ears and I'm actually sitting here, typing this blog, with my hood up over my head and big cosy socks on feeling rather sorry for myself.

I'm meant to be racing this weekend but just now, I can't see that happening! 


Published on : 22 April 2024